Which Bokken or Bokuto Is Right for Me & My Martial Arts Training?

Which Bokken or Bokuto Is Right for Me & My Martial Arts Training?

Posted by Ninpo Mart Staff on Oct 24th 2017

When it comes to practicing swordsmanship, training weapons are vital. After all, you do

not want or need to use a sharp metal blade against a friend or peer - not when you can get the

same effect by using a perfectly safe wooden sword (aka bokken). That is why, at Ninpo Mart, we

offer several different varieties of custom made wooden bokken so that you can practice in

safety. From the beginner to the advanced, we have a bokken suited for everyone. Listed below

are the bokken we have in stock and what each one has to offer.

1. Economy Hardwood Bokken- Shoto ($19.99): This inexpensive short sword is perfect for

someone who is new to weapons sparring and is looking to begin some light training.

Because this is our economy model, it will not be able to withstand as many hits as our

more expensive models. The wood that this sword is made from is denser, therefore

heavier. This could be a positive or negative aspect depending on the individual and their

capabilities when using it. It also comes with a two-piece plastic tsuba.

2. Economy Hardwood Bokken- Daito ($24.99): Modelled after the infamous samurai katana,

this daito is a great choice for novice weapon sparrers. The daito is a full-length sword,

whereas the shoto is shorter (in-between a tanto and daito in size). Because it is low in

cost, this bokken has the potential to splinter or break if put under excessive stress. Yet, it

can withstand basic contact practice with ease. This model also comes with a two-piece

plastic tsuba.

3. Ninjato Wood Bokken ($24.99): The Ninjato is a common name for the Japanese sword

that the ninja were thought to have carried. It is often depicted as being a short sword

with a straight blade and a square tsuba. This replica is sure to please any ninja-

enthusiast. This is a lesser-expensive piece, so someone who intends on using it daily, or

wants to hit hard with it, needs to be aware of its potential to become damaged.

4. Oak Shoto-56cm ($39.99): A higher-quality version of the Economy Shoto, and with three

choices of wood, this bokken will not break easily. This model can be ordered in a white

oak, red oak, or a brown stain finish. Our Oak Shoto is lightweight, but can withstand

some serious hits. Comes with a tsuba and dome.

5. Oak Daito- 102cm ($49.99): Just like the Oak Shoto, this is a higher-quality version of our

Economy Daito. The wood used in crafting this sword is more lightweight, providing its

wielder better control for cleaner cuts. Oak is a sturdy timber, so this bokken will not

splinter easily.

6. Kukishinden Daito- 115cm ($59.99): Specially produced to the traditional proportions of

the average Kukishinden Daito, this bokken is the ideal option for practitioners in the

search for a quality weapon that will last them for years to come. Made from the same

quality wood as our Master Quality Bokken, this daito is lightweight and has a longer

tsuka for what we believe gives better control over the sword. However, this opinion

might vary.

7. Togakure Ryu Daito- 91cm ($59.99): This Bokken has been specially crafted to the

traditional proportions of the average Togakure Ryu Daito used for Ninpo training.

Hugely popular and able to withstand contact practice this is the ideal option for

practitioners looking for a quality weapon to withstand some hard hits. This model

includes its own tsuba and dome.

8. Master Quality Bokken with Tsuba & Saya ($99.99): The highest quality bokken we have to

offer, the Master Quality Bokken is perfect for a student who already has the basic

principles of swordsmanship down and is looking to fine-tune their cuts. This bokken is

lightweight, comes with a tsuba and dome, and even its own saya (scabbard). Although

this bokken is made from sturdy oak timber, it still has the potential to break and/or

splinter just like any wooden weapon.

There are certainly other websites that are great for purchasing bokken or bokuto. We are definitely not the only ones. Some of those website include E-bogu, Katana Mart, Tozando, Seido Shop, Cold Steel, and others! However, some of these companies are not located in the USA and it will be super expensive to ship. On top of that, it will take several weeks for your items to arrive at your door step. We like to think we are one of the best companies in the USA that stock and make exactly what you need, not to mention our quality on all of our training weapons is one of the best!